A Sticky Situation sticks players to the shoes of a very persistent piece of gum. When your one true love is viciously vended away from the gumball machine, it's up to you to save her from a chewy demise. Stick to ceilings and walls to navigate the dangerous world outside of the gumball machine. Harden up into your candied shell and roll through whatever blocks your path, or blow up into a bubble and float over it. It's a unique, addictive flavor of platforming that will make you rethink the way you sidescroll.
  • We've got bullet points!
  • Unwrap the adventure! Explore a variety of environments on an epic quest for love!
  • Chew your brain! Tasty puzzle platforming in multiple flavors!
  • 100% real indie! Developed by desperate, unfunded college students working out of an apartment!
  • Awesome abbreviation! Yes, we know what happens when you abbreviate our title!