Although our core internal team is exclusively responsible for the game's development, a lot of people helped out along the way. Special thanks to our Georgia Tech faculty advisor Brian Magerko for making it possible to develop this game as our senior design project.


A Sticky Situation is powered by our propritary FailEngine technology, a 2D game engine for XNA 4.0. It was built from the ground up to meet this project's extensive technical demands. To learn more about FailEngine, please visit

Industry Playtesters

Special thanks to the following industry professionals who offered feedback on our game during its development:
  • Jeff Dixon (Magic Pixel Games)
  • Sean Hyde-Moyer (Magic Pixel Games)
  • Steve Riesenberger (Magic Pixel Games)
  • Matt McLean (ngmoco:))

Student Playtesters

Special thanks to Chris Wiggins for coordinating our student playtests. The following students were awesome in letting us borrow their time to make the game better:
  • David Akhigbe
  • Anna Alexander
  • Andrew Ash
  • Chris Becker
  • Kyle Davis
  • Chris DeLeon
  • Alp Derner
  • Christina Donegia
  • Daniel Fuller
  • Cory Johnson
  • Joe Kindle
  • Maggie Markey
  • Daniel Murphy
  • Aaron Sumsky
  • Chris Sumsky